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Welcome!  We're glad you're here!

Registering on this website is your gateway to discovering everything that the Creekside at Bethpage HOA has to offer.  Before you get started, there are few things we want you to know.  Don't worry.  We'll leave this page open as you go through the sign-up process so you can refer to it.

Membership Types

You'll be asked to select your membership type.  The software which this website uses, RunMyVillage/ClubExpress, defines the following terms:

  • Homeowner -- the owner of a single-family residence
  • Townhome Resident -- the owner of a townhome residence
  • Renter -- a person renting all or part of a single-family or townhome residence

A Homeowner or Townhome Resident is typically the primary member at a residence.  Primary members have login privileges on this site.  That means they can sign up for events, reserve rooms and courts and join clubs.  They may also add other members of their household as either secondary or tertiary members.

Secondary members also have login privileges so they can sign up for events, reserve rooms and courts and join clubs independently from the primary member.  However, they cannot add other members.  A secondary member might be a spouse, partner or renter. 

Tertiary members do not have login privileges.  But they may be included by a primary or secondary member in events.  A tertiary member might be an adult child or relative.

We ask that only one person in each household register as the primary member and add others in the household as secondary or tertiary members.  The fee structure for ClubExpress software charges nothing for tertiary members.  Secondary members are charged half as much as primary members.

Email addresses

Members have decided to use emailing as the preferred method of communication for HOA activities and announcements.  If you do not provide an email address for at least one member of your household, you may miss important communications from the association.  We urge you to accept the privacy policy in full and provide email addresses for primary and secondary members of your household.

Primary address

If you reside in Creekside at Bethpage, please enter your street number, street name and street type in full, for example, "6609 Crown Parkway" in the Address1 field.  Leave the Address2 field blank.

That's it!  Are you ready to sign up?

Yes, sign me up!